30 November 2006

Sequence for St. Andrew's

The following is the sequence hymn sung at (Lutheran) Magdeburg Cathedral after the gradual for St. Andrew's Day (1613):

O Holy Christ, Teacher of the Apostles, First of the world, Ruler of Your Kingdom, govern your Church’s behavior and life. You first called the rude fishermen and they brought all the world together before your royal throne. They vanquished the tyranny of Satan and sin not with carnal weapons, but by the ministry of Your Word, which is none other than the sublime and worthy office of Peter, Paul, Matthew, Thomas, Bartholomew, John, Philip, Simon and also James, Andrew, and Thaddeus, famous warriors of God! From east to west and throughout the whole world, they are fathers of joy in the teaching of the faith, therefore grant us to abide in the same teaching, we pray you, O Christ!


Chaz said...

A certain dean of a certain chapel seems to think that Advent begins on Saint Andrew's day.

All sources this seminarian has perused at disagree, saying that Advent begins on the Sunday nearest Saint Andrew's day.

What think ye?

tutal said...


This topic of discussion came up with a different certain dean of a different certain chapel. It was clarified to me that the Church year starts on St. Andrews, however it is still the week of the last Sunday of the Church year and Advent does not in fact start until the Sunday nearest St. Andrews. So this year I guess that makes Friday and Saturday the last two days of the last week of the Church year, falling in the new church year. Its kind of like Back to the Future.