14 November 2006

One thing I love...

...about being a pastor: the incredibly diversity of tasks that I get to do. It's not the most rewarding thing about being a pastor, but it is one of the most FUN things about it.

Yesterday: Leading devotions at school; teaching 5-6 and 7-8 grade classes; funeral for a man I'll always miss; discussion with a brother pastor over lunch (a late lunch); pick up daughter #2 from school; clean up church for the next funeral; Vespers; Dinner; Visitation at the funeral home for today's funeral; elders' meeting.

Today: Matins; conducted and preached a funeral for a dear lady; Pastors' Winkel (Missouri-speak for the monthly pastoral gathering of the pastors in the "circuit" - or in our case, "bi-circuit") at which I got to give a presentation on Advent I, but really an apologia for returning to the one-year series and also engage in a discussion of the challenges of counter-acting the dangers of evolution in the task of educating our children; take our Lord's body and blood to a poor woman who has been hospitalized for 21 days; visit with a parishioner who is a relative to the woman whose funeral we celebrated today, and who continues to teach me the meaning of patient endurance as she cares for her husband, suffering from Alzheimers; praying Vespers (shortly); taking daughter #2 out to dinner and then to work; attending school board meeting where we'll look at some of the significant challenges facing our association school.

Think of all the different things that demand attention in a single day! What a hoot!!! I LOVE that about the office of the holy ministry. We always seek to bring the Word of God to bear, but the variety of situations where one is blessed to do so simply staggers the mind. One thing the office of the ministry never is: BORING! And best of all, you NEVER know what is right around the corner waiting - heartbreak oe joy overflowing, someone somewhere will be needing to hear the Message Christ has sent us to proclaim, the message of the overflowing love of God in Jesus Christ for this wacky and nutso race of men.

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Jimbo said...

yes, I agree - it has been a tremendously long time since I have been bored. all I know for sure is that it was before I was ordained.

I should think your apologia for returning to the one year series based on Advent 1 would have fallen on its face due to the revision to the 3 year lectionary in LSB - since now Years A, B and C Advent 1 is the Palm Sunday entry from the Synoptics... but then that's assuming the 3 year brothers in your bi-circuit use CPH bulletins and realize the change to a new lectionary (in ESV, not NIV no less) has arrived.

(ps. any chance any of your presentation is email-able so I have some fodder to work with for Advent 1?)