07 November 2006

Words Fail

Okay, so I lied. Words failed for a while. But now I have some words to share. I have spent much of the afternoon checking out the Altar Book for Lutheran Service Book. Wow. Facts:

1. It's big. Scratch that. It's huge. It's massive. Last page number is 1004.
2. It's beautiful. Gilded edges, four ribbons (burgandy, white, gold, and white).
3. It mostly stays open. This was a vital consideration and somehow, despite the huge size, it does hold its place when opened fairly well. With a little wear, I'll bet the whole thing will always lay flat open.
4. It's easy to read. I have the problem most folks do at my age (no, not that problem) - the EYE problem. And I can't see very well when things are printed too small. Especially when the altar book is to the side of the sacred species and I'm trying to read it. This will not be a problem.
5. If you like rubrics, you've got them - in red too, as they should be!
6. The propers are VERY well done, with each series (A,B,C and Historic) being listed separately. This is a HUGE contributor to the bulk of the book (propers run from page 553 to 994), but makes for a very easy to use book.
7. It's complete. What you looking for? Ash Wednesday? In there. Palm Sunday? In there. Maundy Thursday through the Vigil? In there. Litany? In there. Litany's music? In there. Prayers of the Church? In there. Small Catechism even? In there. Invitatories for various days and seasons with music? In there.


Well, what would an initial look-see be without something to complain about? I searched hard and one thing I did find: The historic series should have been put BEFORE the three year in the propers. There. See, contrary to what some say (who think I can find no fault with LSB) I have shown that I can nit-pick too.

Oh, and ONE more thing. The new Altar Book is more beautiful than the Lectionary. This should not be. I want to see those gilded edges on the next batch of Lectionary books, fellows! Our prayers to God SHOULD be in a beautiful book, but that book shouldn't outshine the Word of God - and currently it does. Can you fix that?

What astonishes me? How they are selling it for just $65!


Anonymous said...

You would have fit in great at Good Shepherd Institute.

It was two days of non-stop LSB porn.

Being the Larry Flynt of LSB-dom, you would have been very happy here. :-)

William Weedon said...

How wude! (And true...)

Matthew the Curmudgeon said...

Guess as a non-Lutheran but a liturgical geek/freak, I'll have to pick one up at Concordia this week as I am on vacation. Bought the ECUSA
Altar Book and was VERY disappointed for the price-almost $200.00!!!
Thanks for your updates on things liturgical.

Pastor H.R. Curtis said...

Look you Babyboomer - one more quote from Jar Jar and I'll hop along down the country road and fight this out in the road side ditch.


sam said...

Hmm... it appears that I will be heading to the bookstore tomorrow to spend some of my birthday money....

William Weedon said...

Father Heath,

You young whipper-snappers just don't recognize good cinema when you see it. May the Force be with you!

Chaz said...

And with thy spirit.