24 November 2006

Patristic Quote for the Day

O my friends, do let us accept correction; it is something nobody ought to resent. Mutual admonition is wholly good and beneficial, for it leads us into conformity with the will of God. - St. Clement of Rome, *Epistle to the Corinthians* par. 56


Chris Jones said...

It's refreshing to see mutual admonition commended by a saint whose successors later came to believe that the highest See is judged by none, and (contrary to St Clement's counsel) came to resent correction to the point of rejecting it entirely.

William Weedon said...

It is striking, isn't it, Chris? I have also written in the margin of my copy a note that it parallels quite nicely the SA description of the "mutual conversation and consolation of the brethren" which looms almost to the size of a Sacrament in that work.