10 November 2006

God Is Glorious!

The beautiful new Altar Book provides a fabulous resource from which to pray the daily offices. One feature that I didn't know or expect to be there is the number of invitatories (the antiphon before the Venite - Psalm 95 - in Matins) that were provided. During this season of the Church year, from Trinity 20-24, this invitational antiphon cries out:

Glorious is God with His angels and saints!
O come, let us worship Him!

And when we reach Trinity 25-27 the invitatory reads:

The Lord will come again in glory!
O come, let us worship Him!

All in all there are 15 invitatories provided in LSB Matins. (This, by the way, goes hand in hand with a greater expansion of "seasonal" propers in the book. For instance, if you look at the proper prefaces provided in TLH you will count up 9; in LW 13; in LSB 20!)

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Mark said...

While I've had a chance to browse the Agenda and have a copy of the hymnal, I'm looking forward to seeing the Altar Book.

From my perspective as a member of Lutheran body other than LCMS, you have a great book.