21 November 2006

Why Is It

that cats seem to have a psychological need to SHOW you what they have killed or are in the process of killing. Kathy will pitch a regular fit outside my office window until I come to the door and tell her what a nice little mousie she has caught today. THEN she goes away and leaves me alone. I do not like looking at mice after she's been torturing them for a while, but they are much better than the headless rabbits she likes to show off. WHY do we like these vile creatures????


jack kilcrease said...

Cats are interesting creatures. I watched a PBS series on them which claims that cats hunt instinctually, but don't know what to do with the prey unless they are taught by a parent. Therefore, most modern cats will just bring their prey to their owner, whom they consider to be something like a parent.

William Weedon said...

Interesting, Jack. Kathy, though, is one of our outdoor cats and she believes in EATING her catch. Leaving undesireable left-overs on my front porch!

The cat we had before her left part of the carcass of a rabbit IN MY CAR. I didn't see it at first, but I noticed something not smelling peachy, and when I backed out of the garage, there in the daylight was rabbit sans head and a leg. GROSSSSSSSS!

Maria said...

My cat usually eats his catch if it's squirrels, but he doesn't seem to like mice. The mice are always left near the front door. Either that, or he believes in sharing his food. ;-)

Fr. Hank said...

Came across the following recently:

The conservative world view holds that because woman was created after man, it is her role to accomodate him.
The problem with this arguement is not in it's logic, but in it's scope.
Humans, recall, were created a full day after cats; therefore accomodating cats should be the humans primary role.

In any event, joy of cat is simply our way of showing respect to our betters.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord that I don't have a cat.

Rather ...

I have a dog that will hunt down mice and politly asks to take the mouse outside where she tosses them in the air until they stop running away. :o)

Anonymous said...

So many cats, so few recipes.


Fr. Hank said...

Our late mistress of the house, Marguerite, made an IRS auditor cry, which led after many convolutions and peregrinations, to our survival of the audit intact and squeeky clean.
Nice kitty.

William Weedon said...


That is DISGUSTING. Shame on you!

Fr. Hank,

I think my cat agrees with your earlier comment about orders of creation.


I've not yet seen them eat a squirrel, but I wouldn't be surprised!