11 November 2006

Our Son....We Are SOOOOO Proud of Him

Well, we actually are. But because we love him so much, we figured that you all would appreciate this little chronicle of his fun week...

So, Thursday David has an appointment with a counselor to plan his classes for the spring. Seems a tad late for that, you think. You think correctly. "But no one told me that I had to register for classes." "David, you are 18 and need to take care of things like this for yourself."

Thursday morning I'm ready to leave for a full day in St. Louis, and I think: "Hmm. Haven't heard David up yet. I guess his appointment is later than I thought." Out the door I go.

Sitting in Dr. Nagel's office, the phone rings. David. In a panic. "Dad, my car is smoking badly and the check engine light is on. What should I do?" "Stop and call AAA." "No, Dad, I can't stop. I'll miss my appointment with the counselor." "Okay, well, you could try to keep going to make it to school." "No, I can't go. It's smoking like crazy. What should I do?" "David, I'm in St. Louis. I can't get there soon enough to help you." And then, being the great dad I am, I remember the universal cop-out. "Call your mother." "Okay, bye."

Mother is called (she works only a few miles away) and drops her work and heads out to help son. However, she thinks about Opa (who used to work on cars) and tells David to call his grandfather. Which David does - sort of. You see, he started the call and got through, but then his battery ran out in his cell phone. Mother cannot figure out why David is no longer answering his phone. She arrives about the same time as Grandma and Opa and things do not turn out nicely. Mother discovers that said son 1) set but did not turn ON his alarm; 2) was in a panic because he was planning to get up early to finish his homework (which obviously didn't happen) and further was in such a panic at the time that he left his transcripts behind that he needed for the meeting he was now missing anyway; 3) had run out of the house without getting himself a thing to eat; 4) despite nearly daily admonitions to plug in his cell phone at night so it would be recharged, hadn't bothered AGAIN; 5) had not thought to put any money in his wallet (which might have had something to do with the fact that he didn't have any to put it in, but that is another story). At this point, understand, that it is not only the car that is steaming. A steaming mother is a frightening thing to behold. Good thing I was over in St. Louis! Whew!

Thank God for Opa and Grandma being local now! They arrive to sit with David and his car so mom can get back to work. Opa and Grandma figure out that David needs a woman who will organize and run his life for him. ; )

Is the saga over? Well, the car needed a new radiator; it was not David's fault that it sprung a leak. It was just David's fault that he overslept, had to have an appointment with the counselor because he hadn't registered, had a cell phone with no juice, and had to fed lunch and given a few bucks. BUT the next day, steam came out of Mother's ears once again. She walked into David's room to empty his trash (he wouldn't think of doing that himself - who cares if there's food in his trash a couple weeks old?), and she discovers his retainer with distinct marks of being chewed by the dog. Understand this is NOT the first retainer to suffer such a fate. It's not even the second; and I'm not sure it's the third.

The lad is brilliant, witty, and charming. Is there ANYWAY we could purchase for him some foresight about practical matters such as 1) classes don't fall into your lap automatically; 2) cars need gas and bodies need food and both cost money which needsd to be in your pocket; 3) dogs like the taste of retainers and retainers cost money; 4) cell phones need to be charged in order to work; and above all, how, how will we ever get him to understand the first and foremost rule of domestic tranquility?



Chaz said...

Man, I miss David. ;-)

BTW, I'm going to be in Iuka for most of my break (the week of Thanksgiving) and will be coming over to Hamel for at least a day or so (don't know when yet) to say hi.

William Weedon said...

Yes, you are two peas in a pod. You both went to the same school of housekeeping!

William Weedon said...

You, Juhl, and I should do a trip to Bottleworks! I was just there yesterday, but since beer is not just a breakfast food anymore... ; )

Chaz said...

Beer. It's the reason I get up in the afternoon!

Bottleworks is a fabulous idea. Maybe the brothers could be persuaded to go there after the Perrycopeuhl study (if you're having it that week).

Otherwise, we can do it, well, whenever (but Friday would be a bad idea).

Anonymous said...

Call your mother?? How helpful of you. David really is one of a kind and we like him that way.

LOL - tell Cin I'm sorry I never emailed her back went she sent me this gem. One day we will be sorry they are gone.


ptmccain said...

Sounds identical to our John. Ah, the joys of parenting! I read your post out loud to my wife Lynn and she was laughing.

Anonymous said...

That story was comforting to me, in a "misery loves company" sort of way! :)

Tom Fast

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he gets his common sense from his father?

William Weedon said...

Now that is low. True, but low.

Anonymous said...

I was all set to read this aloud to my husband...decided to read the comments first. Looks like he beat me to it. Thanks for the post - it sounds so familiar!
Carla Fast

William Weedon said...

Carla, Tom, Paul, glad to know we're not suffering alone! ; )

Cindi's sister Dee told me last night that it just men. She said: You all have defective genes or something.

Susan said...

Any way to purchase foresight about these practical matters? Hopefully, experiences like these are the painful way to purchase it. But based on the experiences with my own kids, sometimes it seems like they return the lesson to the store from whence they purchased it, and continue on in oblivion.

But if you find out where you can buy some, LET ME KNOW!

William Weedon said...

Susan, it's a deal. And if YOU find it first, let me know!

FatherDMJ said...


Anytime you're ready, I'm ready!