11 November 2008

At Winkel today

Pr. Walther made mention of the words of Sasse that were featured on November 10th in Treasury of Daily Prayer. One of the HUGE side benefits I see to this wondrous volume is having our pastors and our people reading, pondering, meditating together upon the same passages God's Word and upon the same writings of those who have walked this way before us. I think that of all the recent publications from CPH that have done so much for the Church, this one has the potential, if we use it, to bring about the godly unity we so desire in our Synod - for we'll be put exactly in the position we belong in: hearing the Word, repenting of our sins, interceding for the world and for our churches. Why just today we had some quite hefty fare from Jeremiah, from our Lord in Matthew 25, and from Blessed Martin Chemnitz - and we got to remember St. Martin of Tours as a bonus!


Rev. Jim Roemke said...

Was there a typo in the suggested reading from the Apology? It said it should be on confession, but the article numbers pointed to Monastic Orders, and that would have been in following the previous reading. If it is a typo, it is a small thing for such a great volume. I have used extensively in meetings, bible studies, devotions and High School chapel services in addition to my own private and family devotions. I also like the suggestion of using Responsive Prayer 1 for the prayers of Matins and Vespers. Every once in a while it is nice to shake things up a bit.

Sarah D said...

Great point. I can't wait to get mine.

Nathan Higgins said...

Pastor Roemke:

The article wasn't on Confession; the line was simply split - "Apology of the Augsburg... Confession" :)

Nathan Higgins