12 November 2008

On Wednesdays

Treasury of Daily Prayer offers prayers for the dying, that we might ever be mindful of those whose earthly pilgrimage is coming to an end:

In the hour of death;
On the Day of Judgment: Help them, good Lord.

We poor sinners implore You: to hear us, good Lord.

To comfort all the dying;
To forgive them all their sins;
To lead them out of this misery into eternal life:
We implore You to hear us, good Lord.

[from Prayer for Wednesday, pp. 1307, 1308)


Scott Larkins said...

Yeah. Like the 3,000 unborn americans snuffed out today.

God help us.

William Weedon said...

Them we should never forget. But nor should we forget the many others who meet death unexpectedly (I live on an Interstate - nuff said) and those who, knowing it is coming, are not afraid so much of death as the manner of dying. So many to pray for in this regard too!