26 November 2008

Productive Day

Matins and then hit the Y; stopped to shop on the way home. Met with the Luekers, drew up funeral bulletin and homily. Ordered flowers. Bite to eat for lunch. Made cornbread and chopped veggies for dressing - all safely stowed in fridge (this year, used the cuisinart and boy did that save a LOT of time - chopped my celery, onion and ground up the cornbread nice and fine) . Fixed mushroom caps and they are ready to pop in the oven tomorrow for appetizers. Sliced the cheeses and the summer sausage and stowed away, ready to spread on platter tomorrow. Cleaned up kitchen. Prayed Vespers (a wee bit early). Now, just waiting for my sister and brother-in-law to arrive. Impatiently waiting! After dinner tonight I think we're baking some pies and I'll get the stuff ready to go for the light rolls tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

You forgot "Thanked God for giving me the health and the ability needed to DO all that stuff"! ;-) God forgive me, I envy your happiness.

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Slacker. ;-)

Jon Townsend said...

I kind of expected that toast and popcorn would be on the menu at the Weedon home!

Don't buzz me with your dog house!