29 November 2008

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

[The Christian] fears not the power of the devil, because he is sensible of God's forbearance toward him. Christ who lives in him and is the all-powerful conqueror is stronger far than the devil, who busies himself in vain to conquer him. He yields not to the enticements of the flesh, because living in the Spirit of God he experiences the riches of His grace, whose quickening power crucifies and puts to death the sinful flesh. He feels no dread of the accusations of Satan on the last day, because he is assured of the intercessions of Christ on his behalf. -- Johann Gerhard, *Sacred Meditations* XXXII

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Pomeranus said...

It is interesting how Gerhard's understanding of the unio mystica plays out in the daily life of the Christian in this quote. Justification and sanctification are not sequential, but simultaneous. We can learn a lot from Gerhard and avoid the pitfalls of pietism and legalism.

Michael Zamzow