20 November 2008


is a week away! What are you thankful for?

Here's a start of a list (in no particular order):

my wife
my children (yes, that includes you, Dean)
my brothers and sisters and extended family
Jo and Dave
the gift of music (and especially piano lessons - thanks, Daddy!)
The Word
The Liturgy
The Treasury of Daily Prayer - the Daily Office
my parish family
Technology (that lets family and friends stay in touch)
My brother pastors in Synod
Deaconesses (Yeah, even YOU Sandy!)
Evening card games
The amazing faculty of TSP: Myra, Candy, Dennis, Kristi, Cindy and Cindy
Good writers
Fellow low-carbers (especially Philip and Darlene - who are also good friends to boot!)
Pinochle partners and adversaries (Crys and Scott, Rachel and Randy, Dave and Sharon, Peggy and Richard, Stu and Jenn!)
The sound of St. Paul's great bell summoning to worship
The frost on the roof on a cold morning
All my shutins - who always make me joyful in the Lord
The privilege of teaching the Catechism, handing on the faith
The writings of the holy fathers
St. Paul's musicians
Singing "Now Thank We" around the Thanksgiving Table
Fresh brewed coffee
Green tea and Irish Breakfast tea
Christmas trees and Christmas carols and Lucinda's cookies
Cindi's almond cookies
Almonds and pecans
Family gathered around the piano singing

Your turn!!!


Rev. James Leistico said...

for all the times you commented that you missed the organ while it was being repaired, I'm surprised that you forgot to specify it on your list.
(but then, I just read Peterson's Thanksgiving 2005 sermon which criticizes our ability to make a full listing of what we ought be thankful for.)

Jon Townsend said...

being a member of a congregation with communion every Sunday.

Jeremy Loesch said...

My wife, my boys, my dog, my faithful parents, my supportive brother, Ohio State and Washington Redskin football, my wife, teaching Bible class, preaching Christ and Him crucified, being counted worthy by God, a willingness to learn, my wife, a beautiful creation, having something to do every day, and finally my wife. (I only have one wife, but boy, is she worth thanking!)

Elephantschild said...

I'm thankful for family, my daughter, a wonderful husband, a faithful pastor.

I'm thankful for my husband's job, which he loves. For the privilege of being a stay-at-home, homeschooling mommy - as hard as it is some days.

I'm thankful for my +baptism, a precious comfort when life is difficult and dark.

I'm thankful for an internet connection. I've made many dear friends thru blogging, and I've learned so much from Lutheran blogs.

Mike Keith said...

I am thankful...

- that we Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving at the correct time of year - over a month ago :-)

- that the Lord provided me, at the right time in my life, with faithful pastors and University and Seminary professors who taught the Gospel so clearly.

- that the Lord gave me my loving and forgiving wife, Christine.

- that the Lord has entrusted to me my three children - Noah, Naomi, Abigail.

- for the ever increasing exposure I have to faithful Lutherans around the globe.

- for a parish that appreciates much of what I do and tolerates the rest.

- that in the midst of parish work I am encouraged to study weekly on Monday mornings by my members.

- for the speakers and participants at the annual St. John Chrysostom Lutheran Preacher's Retreat.

- for the opportunity to gather with brothers in the Ministry at Winkels, conferences, and conventions and discuss theology (iron sharpens iron).

- for a Synod (Lutheran Church Canada) that is small enough to remain civil (mostly).

- Touchstone - A Jounal of Mere Christianity

- lots of other stuff!

wmc said...

The God Whisperers (www.godwhisperers.com)

Pr. Lehmann said...


Anonymous said...

- the gift of faith
- the Supper regularly offered
- the lessons I read here and that I heard this morning
- family
- friends in person and in cyberspace
- work and the ability to continue doing it

- 'today' each day that comes

helen 11/23/08

William Weedon said...


That was very sweet and kind of you.


We both left off: THE SCENT OF FLOWERS IN THE SPRING. What were we thinking???

Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Shame on all of you. Nobody is thankful for beer? :)

Happy Thanksgiving.