20 November 2008

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

How pleasant it is to hear that you have so truly been accepted by God the eternal Father, because the benefits of the Son have been given to you, that God wants to rule you through His Holy Spirit, that He has rescued you from eternal death and from the chains of the devil! The more attentively you will consider the words of Baptism, the more will your mind be kindled with the knowledge of the mercy of God and strengthened by faith and moved to prayer. -- Philip Melanchthon, *Loci Communes* p. 1142


Rev. Benjamin Mayes said...

What edition of Melanchthon is that?

William Weedon said...

CPH's translation of the 1543.

Rev. Benjamin Mayes said...

Ah! Then you probably meant to say that it was on p. 142.

Rev. James Leistico said...

were we inspired to choose this quote by the readings in TDP, hmmmm?
Between your quote and TDP, I'm thinking God planned for me to stop failing to remember my baptism on the anniversary of it like I have every previous year (November 20, 1973).

(The LSB/TDP assigned Scriptures are getting a little personal - on my birthday I read of the Supper, on my baptismal birthday, I read of Baptism and the Resurrection. But then on my wedding anniversary it's another Lord's Supper text - AND David and Bathsheba... yikes. How's that for a reminder that what God joins together, let no one tear asunder. My son Jonathan's birthday is on the Conversion of St. Paul, but for son Timothy's birthday, we get to read about Eli's worthless sons. I'm almost afraid to look up any other important dates - of course most of them (eg, wife and daughters' birthdays slide around a bit since they are in the time of Lent/Easter.)

William Weedon said...


I'll not tell... :)