13 November 2008

Thursday's Prayer

from Treasury of Daily Prayer includes this beautiful petition:

"We implore You, O Lord, for our altar, that it may ever be a place where the medicine of eternal life, the forgiveness of sins, strengthens us in body and soul; that disbelief and impenitence may stay far from all who come there so that they may not eat and drink to their own judgment." (p. 1308)


Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Those prayers for each day of the week are really gorgeous, and one of the real treasures in the book.

I've been curious as to their source, but haven't been able to discover or discern it. Do you know? I've thought they had the sound and feel of Wilhelm Loehe, but I'm curious.

William Weedon said...

Ben translated them from a German prayer book, I believe. He told me which, but I've forgotten. Not Loehe, though, though he'd be "amening" them, wouldn't he?

Rev. Benjamin Mayes said...

I translated them from the "Lutherisches Kirchengesangbuch" (LKG) which was the previous hymnal of the SELK in Germany. In tracking down copyrights, we found that the SELK (or its predecessor bodies) had gotten them from elsewhere. I was told that they had been used at St. Ulrici BrĂ¼dern in Braunschweig (http://www.luther-in-bs.de/) and were a little contentious when first introduced to the SELK, due to some of the great features that Pr. Weedon has pointed out. I originally contributed these to be considered for LSB; the commission and Scot Kinnaman decided to put them here. So their origin, like much of the liturgy, is shrouded in mystery!