25 November 2008

Check Off List

Mopped kitchen floor
Vacuumed living room, study, bedroom and entry
Dusted upstairs
Polished brass
Pumpkin cheesecake cooling in oven (Cindi's specialty)
Pecans and Sweet Nuts made (thanks, Darlene!!!!)

Tomorrow (God willing) my sister and brother-in-law will arrive to share the holiday with us. I'm psyched! Still more to do Wednesday to prepare for Thursday's feast, but it looks decidedly under control. Tomorrow will find us making cornbread for the dressing, baking pies, slicing cheese and meats, and mixing ingredients for the stuffed mushroom caps (which my sister will not touch with a ten foot pole!). I will also meet with the Luekers tomorrow to discuss funeral preparations for Saturday. Sadness and joy intermingled together. Such is life in this age, as we eagerly and thankfully look forward to the Age to come.


Doorman-Priest said...

You'll make someone a lovely wife.

William Weedon said...

LOL! What a chauvinist comment!!! My brother told me that once too. What it amounts to is that I am a total control freak - and I love to have my duckies in a row for whatever is up. Whether that's a feast, or whether that's this coming Sunday's liturgy, or whether that's this year's teaching assignments.