07 December 2008

Welcome, Gleasons!

Today we welcomed Pr. William Gleason, his wife Cindy, his son Seth, and daughter Elizabeth to the teacherage at St. Paul's. Thanks to ALL the folks who showed up to help move them in on this rather chilly December day - very much appreciated! Pastor Gleason is currently without call, but will be helping out a bit at St. Paul's. We're happy to have a church worker in the teacherage; it's been rather lonely up here since the GeRue's moved up to Girard.


RobBnTX said...

Please tell Pastor Gleason hi for me! I use to live in a small town out in West TX that he was the pastor of a small store front mission there some 20 years ago now. I was at that time helping to manage a grocery store and he came in and introduced himself to me and invited me to a Michaelmas. Being a RC at the time, I thought that sounded a bit "catholic" to me so I was intrigued enough to attend and was attracted to a service that had good sound biblical preaching and a liturgical setting. Pastor Gleason visited our town every Thursday and I enjoyed several lunches with him afterward.
Pax, Robert

RobBnTX said...

I posted my previous reply late last night and then it occurred to me this morning that it is possible that this may be a different William Gleason, so if it is the same one, then be sure to pass along my greeting to him, otherwise just ignore my late night ramblings. :-)
Thanks, Robert

William Gleason said...

Let me add my own personal THANK YOU here for my entire family. We cannot thank everyone enough for the help and warm welcome we received. Christ's love truly shone through it all.

Hello Robert! What a nice surprise to "see" you here. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised to find you visiting Pastor Weedon's blog, considering your ecumenical interests. Yes, I'm the same guy. I remember well our enjoyable discussions. I hope you are well and prospering. Email me sometime and let me know what you are doing.

Pastor Gleason