07 September 2009

A True Gem

from LSB is Pr. Starke's text: "In the Shattered Bliss of Eden." This is another one of those hymns that does the whole job - Starke's very good about that - and sweeps together in a few verses the whole of our faith and hope. It is set to Parry's majestic Rustington, but also works with the more familiar O Durchbrecher:

In the shattered bliss of Eden
Dawned the day of sacrifice,
As our primal parents shuddered -
Sin had caused this dreadful price!
Faith embarked with this discernment:
Only God can cover sin,
As He took their leafy garments
And He clothed their shame with skin.

Days and months and years unfolding
Clearly showed what sin had wrought:
Fallen Adam's children learning
Lessons fallen parents taught.
All these sacrificial offerings
Crested as a crimson flood:
Patriarchs and priests atoning
For their sin with cleansing blood.

What these sacrifices promised
From a God who sought to bless,
Came at last - a second Adam -
Priest and King of righteousness:
Son of God, incarnate Savior,
Son of Man, both Christ and Lord,
Who in naked shame would offer
On the cross His blood outpoured.

Lamb of God, once slain for sinners,
Host, who spreads this meal divine,
Here You pledge our sins are covered,
Pledge received in bread and wine:
"Take and eat; this is My body,
Given on the cross for you;
Take and drinK; this cup of blessing
Is my blood poured out for you."

Taste and see the bliss of heaven
Known by saints around the throne,
Where the Lamb, in closest union,
Lives to love and feed His own.
From His riven side forever
Flows the purest stream of love,
Love that robes us with the raiment
Worn by all who feast above.

Gone the bliss of Eden's garden,
Gone the age of sacrifice;
Ours the time of grace and favor,
Ours, the call to paradise!
Ever, Lord, impress upon us:
Only You can cover sin -
Take our worthless self-made garments
Clothe our shame and cleanse within.
LSB 572


Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

I agree that this is an outstanding contribution. I like Starke's "Christ Sits at God's Right Hand" (LSB 564) even more, but in a similar vein.

William Weedon said...

Oh, ditto on that great text too.

Rev. Paul T. McCain said...

Did you hear that we discovered that Pastor Starke is a descendant of Paul Gerhardt through his mother's side of the family?

This would explain a lot.