02 May 2010

In preparation for Rogate

Is it not very interesting that the Sunday when the Church reads St. James' famous words about being doers of the Word and not mere self-deceived hearers, that the command of our Lord in the Gospel reading is: ASK! (And it is, I believe, the only Sunday whose name derives from the Gospel reading). Rogate! ASK! says our Lord. DO IT! St. James chimes in with. Love it! I honestly believe that if we cannot begin with obedience in the matter of prayer, we will not make progress in any other area of our Christian walk - for progress depends on learning to depend on the Blessed Trinity and not on ourselves. In other words, prayer!


Omar said...

agreed! =)Prayer dethrones me and places me in the proper position to enjoy the riches of God

William Weedon said...

Amen, Omar!