03 January 2011


Long read.  Totally worth it.  Recommended by two Canadian friends.  Truth sometimes isn't pretty, but it is always better than the lie:  click.


Anonymous said...

History is His Story...God's Story.
America is not a Christian nation,
but a nation in which Christians live. Everything thing that happens
to us is filtered through God's love.
God's ultimate purpose is to bring
humanity to repentance and faith in
Jesus Christ. In the last several
decades our culture has become more
blatant in its disregard for the one
true and triune God. Abortion, Porn,
cohabitation, homosexuality are all
an abomination to the Lord. The
fact that Christian denominations
now ordain homosexuals as pastors
must anger our God. Our national
government's habit of spending more
than it takes in has led to our
status as a debtor nation. Will
God have mercy on our nation?

Rev. Allen Bergstrazer said...

Wil, thanks for pointing me to this article. Very well written, and interesting because it expresses what we've known, or at least suspected for some time.

Great quotes:
"Raised in schools that teach them nothing, they nevertheless pick up the gist of the matter, which is that their society is a racket founded on various historical injustices."

"Want has been all but abolished. Today, fewer and fewer Britons want to work, want to marry, want to raise children, want to lead a life of any purpose or dignity."

"What happens when, as a matter of state policy, you debauch your human capital?"

"Do you think the laws of God will be suspended in favor of America because you were born in it? Great convulsions lie ahead, and at the end of it we may be in a post-Anglosphere world."

Michael L. Anderson, M.D. said...

I admire the line which teaches that the people losing its memory for its past, is doomed to dribble in an undignified dementia. Or something to that effect, anyway. I'm tempted to call the aphorism a prime example of "steam-neuro," which should be all the rage, but I won't. Mr. Steyn is certainly a unparalleled craftsman of the pen, in the secular Anglosphere of things.

The same thought about memory, I think, applies to the traditions of our Lutheran Confessor forefathers ... more the topic of another thread here, and a rather lengthy and heated one at that.

But those who regularly worship with angels and archangels and all the company of heaven, are understandably loathe to give up the long-tested rubrics and customs of these creatures ... many to whom we are closely related by flesh and by blood.

In the Kingdom where Death has been crushed, the preferences of the invisible cannot be entirely dismissed, for the prejudices and fleeting pleasures of we the embattled oxygen-breathers. It's a matter of respect and civil manners, a Fourth commandment issue is some ways. That your Savior is away in a manger, does not give you the license to act as though you were raised in a barn, when it comes to the elders.

Besides, the holy angels are into conservative tastes, as to habits. Remember that a major reason for the churchly woman's head-covering, according to blessed St. Paul ... aside from recognition of an Adamic ordering of precedence ... was "because of the angels."

Presumably, they still care.