01 September 2006

Baking Day

The weather has been cool, overcast, fallish. It has called forth the compulsion to make certain foods. Today I've made a ginger-bread (the definitive ginger-bread from Laurel's Kitchen cookbook) and some whole wheat french bread. The french bread is just finishing up. I told Cindi that I'm also itching for some of Laurel's cheesy-potato soup. But I guess that will have to wait for another day. This fall weather does not work well for putting me in an Atkins mood... Anyone want to drop in for dinner?

1 comment:

FatherDMJ said...

Mmmm. Whole wheat french bread. Save some for us, especially for Mrs. FatherDMJ!

I've been doing sourdough breads lately. The starter is in the fridge. I love how it smells. The sourdough was a hit at the retreat. I'd like to try a sourdough cinnamon roll recipe soon.

I admit I cheat. Bread machine baking is a hoot. I would like to switch to hand kneading this winter just for fun.