13 September 2006

Rest in Peace

Speaking of prayers for the dead, my sister called tonight to tell me that my cousin, Debbie, has died. We've been praying for her for a couple weeks. She's been on life-support, and no one is quite sure what happened, but she was a diabetic and had numerous health problems. May the Lord have mercy upon Debbie and shine on her His unending light and fill her with peace! And may His comfort be with my Uncle Edgar, who has now buried his wife and is now preparing to bury his oldest child, and with Debbie's husband, her sister, and her brother. Debbie was 53.

"Into paradise may the angels lead you,
At your coming may the martyrs receive you,
And with Lazarus who once was poor,
May you have rest everlasting."

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Anonymous said...

How very sad for the family, she was quite young.

Remember, O Lord, they servant, Debbie, who has fallen asleep.

Memory Eternal!