18 September 2006

Busy Days

Usual round of services and Bible class yesterday, circuit forum to elect delegates to the Synodical Convention, Youth Catechesis in the evening, and then writing the funeral homily for today. God rest the soul of his servant Dorothy Riechmann! This afternoon, the carpet cleaners arrive; tonight is voters. Tomorrow I teach in the a.m. and then go directly to the Winkel, which St. Paul's is hosting - oh, and did I mention that the painters showed up this a.m. to do the sanctuary in preparation for putting up our new murals and getting ready for the 150th? I had to ask them to come back after the funeral! Whew!

Dorothy's was the first funeral we did with the LSB. It worked *very* well; the changes in the funeral rite were few, and they were all good. There is something very powerful about laying your hands on the coffin as we pray together the Nunc Dimittis: "Lord, now You let Your servant go in peace..."

But it is not clear in the rubrics where the next part of the rite takes place. Does the pastor return to the altar for the final prayer and the blessing? Or does he stay at the head of the coffin? Perhaps the lack of direction envisions either position. Enough rambling - got a few things more to do before this evening's meeting.


Pastor Saar said...

Dear Pastor Weedon,
Re. your rubrical question: Stay at the casket.
The Rubric Man

Susan said...

Not meaning to contradict Pr Saar, but the first LSB funeral I was at was three years ago. The pastor was back in the chancel for the end of the Mass. Maybe either way is okay?