19 September 2006

Melvin, Rest in Peace!

I remember Melvin. He and his wife Peggy were members of the first parish I served. Melvin died of cancer recently. Oh, he was a hoot and half. He loved to laugh; he was kind of shy, but oh, so much fun. My all time favorite Melvin story is this:

He was taking a shower, and thought he and Peggy were home alone. Peggy dropped something in the kitchen with a loud bang and Melvin comes running from the shower to see if she is alright, only to find her talking to a lady friend in the kitchen. You guessed it, Melvin was wearing only his birthday suit!

How Peggy and Melvin laughed when they told that story. I swear, Melvin still blushed just thinking about it. He was so mortified!!! Lord, have mercy.

I remember something else about Melvin. He taught me that many people really don't care for their work. I was a naive 26 year old who assumed everyone did what they did because they loved doing it. He taught me differently. The look of pity in his eyes when he asked me if I *really* thought that.

Peggy, who has the coolest accent you've ever heard, is my youngest daughter's godmother. She and Melvin taught us a lot about loving others, serving without complaining or expecting recognition, just for the joy of being together and working side by side. Mel, we will ALWAYS love you. And Peggy, you are in our prayers.

Memory eternal, Melvin! Memory eternal!

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