18 September 2006

Pope's Words

The bishop of Rome certainly placed himself on the firing line. The Byzantine emperor he quoted spoke some hard words - but were they false? The Islamic reaction across the world has seemed, if anything, to reinforce the veracity of what the Emperor said! Lord, have mercy. If Islam is this religion of peace that we constantly hear it is, where is a single Islamic voice being raised that condemns these "over the top" reactions?

Here's a link to an article on the topic that my brother-in-law sent me. I like it because it invites some thought about WHY the bishop of Rome quoted the Byzantine emperor - and I suspect this man's suppositions are correct.



Fr. Hank said...

Legalism is as legalism does,,,,,, an observation from the Palestinian priest in the local town.

Eric Phillips said...

Oh we're VIOLENT are we? Take it back, or I'll gnaw your head off!

Fr. Hank said...

Do read http://www.firstthings.com under September 18 for an excellent analysis, reportings from Ratzinger/Benedict's writings, and an excellent short historical backgrounder by Robert Wilken.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Hank,

Yes, I think Dr. Tighe pointed me in that direction (or was it Dr. Stephenson?). One of them. It was very well written. What gives with these ex-Lutherans explaining things for the pope??? : )

Anonymous said...

Dr. Phillips,

LOL. EXACTLY! Did you ever play Zork? "You will be totemized. (A not very pleasant thing)."

Fr. Hank said...

"What gives with these ex-Lutherans (LCMS/St Louis grads at that) esplaining things for the pope???:)"
Well if it were still the silly season, the answer is (a) he pays better and has a wider audience, or (b) they are better educated and more articulate than the run of the mill Roman,,, at least in the US.
Read a journal article recently, a review of Deus Caritas Est I recall, that listed the many things in DCE that are "lutheran" which for all intents and purposes are by neglect or ignorance no longer among us,,,, the author made the observation that Lutheranism seems at least under this Pope to be surviving in Rome better than in communities who identify themselves as Lutheran. That definately has a lot to do with it.
Another bit of source material more on topic, check the NPR archive for the Newshour of Monday last, excellent and most telling conversation between George Weigel and PR man from one of the North American Muslim councils.