06 September 2006

Just had to share...

I come from a great family - I love them all. My oldest brother is Butch. Then my sister, called (surprise!) Sis. Then my brother Joe. Finally, my brother Maupin (usually called Maup or Mope). I come at the caboose - nine years after Maup. I am blessed to have three of them still alive, but my brother Joe died in a terrible auto accident on Palm Sunday in 1985. I was a vicar at the time. When I was in college, I worked for Joe in the summers. I still remember the day I brought the van back to the warehouse with the mirrors broken off both sides (hey, those D.C. alleys are narrow!) and Joe decided it was too expensive to send me out on deliveries anymore. I got to stay at the warehouse and answer the phone. Which was fine by me, because I got to spend more time with him that way. Yeah, I definitely idolized him. We could talk together by the hour - and argue and debate by the hour - and we usually did. I was always amazed at the man's mind: he could take his finger and trace it down a column of figures and know how they all added up. He thought about things - and even though we usually ended up on different sides of the issue, he was a powerful and difficult opponent to argue with. Anywho, here are some picks of Joe, Peggy, and the kids (Shannon, Kim, and Lisa) that my sister just pointed me to on the net. How these pics brought back memories! Anyway, this is Joe and family!

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Anonymous said...

May Joseph's memory be Eternal!