05 September 2006

Kudos to CPH AGAIN

The LSB experience just keeps rolling along smooth as can be. I was dreading figuring out to do the memorial plates for the hymnals, and was relieved to see that CPH offered a solution. Well, today, our Memorial Plates arrived. We downloaded the Word template, and the secretary and I managed to print AND place all the memorial plates into the hymnals in under two hours. Simplicity itself. Way to go, CPH!

And don't all you cheapskates out there imagine that you can do it cheaper yourself. Maybe you can, but let me assure you that you cannot come close to creating something as fine looking and as easy to use as CPH has made it. The CPH plates match the hymnals beautifully, print flawlessly, and, besides, you know you don't need the headache of reinventing this wheel.

Go order yours today, dudes. You will not be sorry!

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Ivana B. A. Pilot said...

The idea of book plates, or "pressings" as they are called in certain parts of the Protestant south, did not originate with family Bibles as was originally thought by Dr. Webber Manson in his famous doctoral dissertation from Columbia University entitled "Memoirs: A Generational Accoucting of Family Lineage in post-Civil War Pressings".

To the contrary, Eugene Markowitz has discovered many pressings in family Bibles in Europe dating back into the 14th century.