11 August 2007

Go, Fasts!

My good friend Pastor Tom and (his wife) Carla Fast have written a wonderful little book, titled "The Baptism of Your Child." CPH recently sent complimentary copies to the parishes. The goal of the book is to lead the parents and their child(ren) into a living apprehension of what God has done for them in the gift of Holy Baptism. It's hard to describe. A workbook. A prayerbook. A theological primer. All these rolled into one. It will make a great gift for a parish to give to each new parent. You can find the book here and if you've not seen it, and have youngsters, I'd encourage you to order your copy today:

Baptism Book

CPH just keeps pumping out good stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Will,

Thanks so much for your kind words. To have someone of your caliber think this book might be a useful tool is almost too much to take.

I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding CPH. And I must add that Scot Kinnaman, our editor, was a joy to work with and contributed in fundamental ways to this little project.

On another note...Carla, Chris and I were down in Campbell Hill yesterday visiting our dear friends, the Schultz's. We talked about swinging by and popping in on you, but weren't able to work it out---ran out of time. If you hate surprise visits as much as I, you're probably relieved! :-}

BTW, congrats on the nuptials. Loved your wedding sermon. Then again, what else is new? I love all your sermons.


Tom Fast (and Carla, who is looking over my shoulder)