12 August 2007

Wierdly Wonderful

Today I sat in the congregation with my family as Pastor Ben Mayes preached and celebrated the Sacrament. He delivered a very thoughtful and thought-provoking homily on the Destruction of Jerusalem (today's Gospel). But what I enjoyed most was his reverent and yet comfortable manner of presiding. He was very reverent and conveyed peace and calm as he led us to join with the angels and archangels and all the company of heaven. Sitting with the family is always a joy - though a joy I rarely experience - and it was great to sing bass with all the harmonies floating around the pew. A huge thank you to Pr. Mayes for serving at St. Paul's today!


Erich Heidenreich said...

I know Pr. Mayes from his time here in Michigan. He is, indeed, very reverent and yet personable and comfortable in his calling, not to mention a genius when it comes to theology. I miss him!

Rev. Benjamin Mayes said...

What a lovely bunch of people you have there at St. Paul's. The congregation's singing was wonderful! Thanks for your kind words.

Christopher Palo said...

Don't Lutherans believe in concelebrtion? Surely more than one of you could have been at the altar. At a parish life conference I attended for the Diocese of Wichita and the Midwest, we must have had 45 priests concelebrating the Divine Liturgy.

BTW, Fr. Weedon, I am NOT accsing you of laziness. I certainly know that is not the case.