18 August 2007

On Pools

Ya know, we got that pool for Bekah, but I think Cindi and I spend most of the time in it. The odd thing is that it becomes a fight, a challenge.

At the end of July, beginning of August, we were so busy we didn't have time to vaccuum as we ought to have done, AND the hard water had clogged the salt-water system. The result was that when we vaccuumed we ended up having nasty stuff pour back into the pool through the filter system. It took WEEKS to get the thing really clean again. Now it is crystal clear. You can see the bottom as through glass.

This was the result of running the filter continuously for almost 24 hours at a time and constantly cleaning it and running the chorinator for 7 hours a day and more. It was a LONG battle, and we almost were ready to throw in the towel, but now it is looking fabulous again.

It is silly, but I feel downright proud of how clear the water is. Who wants to come over for a swim?


wm cwirla said...

I'd take you up on your offer but the reefs of Laguna Beach are calling.

William Weedon said...

Now, I know you are not implying that my Walmart Special is not up to par with the Pacific Ocean!!!