07 August 2007

More Again


Mimi said...

Beautiful photos! Congratulations and Many Years to the newly wedded couple, and a job well done to you and the Mrs!

And, I love the mantilla, that's gorgeous!

William Weedon said...

Thanks, Mimi.

That was originally worn by her mother 25 years ago.

The story of her dress is a hoot. It cost all of $10. Her mother-in-law had found it at a yard sale a few years back and bought it, thinking someone sometime might be able to use it. And then her mother-in-law found Lauren's shoes on sale for $3. So that beautiful outfit was a $13 special! How's that?

Okay, okay. So it cost $100 to get the dress clean, but even so, isn't that amazing?

Mimi said...

It was her mothers? That makes it even more special!

And, wow! What great shopping! Amazing indeed!