17 August 2007


That was a whirlwind trip. On Thursday morning, Cindi, Bekah, and I were up by 4:30 and on the road to Seward (8 hour drive!). We unpacked the van and car, visited with Lauren and Dean, ate pizza, played liverpool (can you tell we're addicted?), went to bed. This morning Cindi got up and hijacked Lauren's bike for a ride around town, Lauren and Dean made us breakfast, and then after a little more visiting, we left at 11 ish and arrived back in Hamel at 8 p.m. tonight (we took a long break for a late lunch/dinner). BIG thanks to Dean for the fresh thermos of coffee to keep me awake for the drive home (fresh ground and all - delish!)

Dean and Lauren's apartment is very nice. HUGE! And because its part of a divided up mansion, the rooms have some really beautiful woodwork.

Sadness, though. We don't get to see them again until Thanksgiving. :(

Here are a few pics...


Anonymous said...

Thought you looked a little wearied when you passed me! :)

But I'll bet you were glad you weren't headed westbound what with the construction on the Canal Bridge!

Get some sleep now ... you'll miss the kiddies, but you'll not be surprised at how fast the time goes.


Past Elder said...

Drag, and I was going to say something like Hey, so that WAS you I passed on I-80.

If either of them are in the choir maybe they'll turn up at St Mark! They sing here from time to time.

Although now that the elders have made the 1030 service our "contemporary" service (it's liturgical, just with a ruddy praise band) I suppose that means the 0800 service.

William Weedon said...


THAT was a horrible mess of traffic! Bet you were telling Karon all about it on the phone when we saw you. We were all pretty tired after that drive.


Nope, we did not get on 80 at all, though we crossed it once. :) We basically take back-roads through Missouri and 2 into Lincoln and then whatever the road is into Seward. We travel 270 and 70 to Columbia Missouri, and pick up 29 at St. Joe's and go just a few miles into Iowa on that before getting on 2. I am always impressed at how EMPTY the country is!!! As Zek will tell you, I get a tad nervous when I get TOO distant from interstates! ;)

Sounds like it's time to move to the 0800 service, dude. Baby boomers living out their dream of being rock stars at the expense of my ears and my eyes is not for me. Give me the organ, please, and the sung liturgy.


Sam said...

Is their place close to Amigo's? That picture looks familiar!

William Weedon said...


Good eye and memory. A block away.

Pr. Lehmann said...

I drank my first beer in the building where Dean and Lauren are living.

I LOVE Dean's t-shirt.

mlorfeld said...

Pastor, speaking of coffee, I found a step up from fresh ground coffee, fresh roasted coffee. Seriously you should check it out, you can get a roaster and unroasted (green) coffee beans online. The fresh coffee has much more flavor (and caffeine).