10 August 2007

Woof! Woof!


Today's featured article (and it will only be on the front page today) is on the beagle! I love beagles. Lucy [seen in the pic resting on my brother-in-law's leg] is only the second one I've had the privilege of living with, but I will never forget the day my dad brought home our little Queenie. She only lived seven years, but she was a great companion. He loved beagles too. From reading the whole article (don't forget to click for more at the bottom of the initial article), I am happy to report that Lucy is a typical beagle in every way except for being a tad shorter than usual and unusual in carrying so much black coloration. There's a picture in there that could be her with the note that beagles do not require exercise to exhaustion to enjoy resting - HA! The story of her life. After getting up and going potty and eating breakfast, the little wretch is so exhausted that she has to sleep for the rest of the morning in the sunlight. Then she wakes up long enough to go potty and will generally sleep the rest of the afternoon. She does like to play in the evening, but come nightfall, she's more than ready for her bed again. Despite this "heavy" regimine, Lucy is not overweight - maybe all that sleeping counts as exercise??? And she is downright grumpy when she is sleeping. You nudge her and she will growl. Clearly "rest" is something she guards as vigilantly as her food!

Our good friends, Randy and Rachel Asburry, solved the beagle exercise problem by providing a companion: they have TWO beagles! Cindi ain't buying it, though.


DebD said...

Yeah right - two to pee on your dear SIL's foot and then the couch! Great idea, I don't know why Cindi is being so stubborn.

Mimi said...

Bwahahahahhahahaa, so true, Deb.
But, then I'm a cat person and put up with a lot from them!

DebD said...

just to clarify - it was not me, but I do have to stick up for my little sister since she doesn't blog.

And it made me think. You always wonder why she never comes out to visit.... could it be?????

William Weedon said...

Actually, Deb, if Dee came to visit more often, Lucy wouldn't feel the need to mark her as "her own" territory. ;)

wm cwirla said...

Pictures, please.

William Weedon said...

Okay, Pastor Cwirla, I put her picture up. Isn't she a great looking hound?