08 August 2007

Slowly Fading Away...

...been a great time with the family, but folks are beginning to leave. Sis and Jimmy and their grandchildren left Tuesday morning (we had breakfast with them before they left). Today Dee and Savannah flew home - though they missed their first flight due to construction on the highway. Tomorrow the Dillons head for Maryland and Jo and Sandy hit Route 66 in the Jaguar for the trip to California. Then it will just be Bekah, David, Cindi and I at home. That will seem really strange after all the family time this week. Lauren and Dean will be home this weekend for a few days and then they'll be off to Seward.

One of the things that is really depressing is counting the hours that you get to spend with your extended family when you live far away. I envy the folks here who have their children and grandchildren nearby. I doubt that will be the case for our children, even as it has not been the case for us. We get only hours each year - and maybe every other year - to spend with folks we love very much. I am very thankful for the internet and cell phones that make the distance seem a bit less and the time between not quite so separate.


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

So get yourselves some web cams. One per houshold, mounted atop each computer. They're cheap online, as in about $70 last I checked. If you do that, I'll get my son-in-law to tell you how to set it up on MSN and you can call each other on your computers, and hear AND see each other (!!!) as often as you like. For free. (Or at least costing no more than you already pay for your internet service.)


L P Cruz said...

Pr. Will.

The reason why you feel that way being sad is because God has given you good fellowship, he gave everyone a good day. He gave you comfort and joy, memories that you should go back to from time to time to get your bearings once in a while.

I looked again at the wedding photos and there is no denying every one was rejoicing.

Your Father has been good to you and yours.

PS. Anastasia's suggestion is worth doing. Use a camera, microphone and say Yahoo Instant Messaging etc. No additional cost needed

Jimbo said...

I know that sorrow too, especially having just seen my family last week in Minnesota. Yet during this trip Mark 10:29-30 came to my mind... especially as I realized that I grieved harder as I buried a member two weeks ago than at my grandmother's funeral last week.
I also found out yet again how small the LCMS is. My aunt and uncle are in Lakefield, MN. Their pastor's parents were born and raised twenty miles from here. Meanwhile, my dad was born and raised 20 miles from there.
Anyway, if the quiet gets to you too much, just give Laura and I a call and head on down for Evansville Days this weekend. You can even hold Timothy. After all, you're one of the hundreds who make the 1000s of miles between us and our biological families easier, one of the brothers we have received from Christ in fulfillment of Mark 10:30's promise.