06 August 2007

A Great Weekend

Wow..it's like a collage of images:

dinner with Sis, Jimmy, Nicole and Hannah and getting to meet Sarah...setting up the hall...Lauren dancing around like a giddy teenager (oh, wait! SHE is a giddy teenager for at least a few more days!)...Angus' interesting outfits and humor...Lauren beaming as we practice walking down the aisle...Joe and Eric making wonderful music as they practice...Anna and David practicing and laughing together in the balcony... The Herberts' gracious hospitality after the rehearsal dinner and visiting with family and friends... The dawning of the actual day finding Cindi biking six miles, doing laundry and grocery shopping... All the teens gathered around the piano and us singing Christmas carols, Easter hymns, and assorted favorites - harmonies breaking out everywhere!... David gracefully leading us through picture after picture after picture after picture after picture... Lauren looking beautiful beyond belief... Dean beaming... Rebekah with her hair up and curled looking shockingly like Lauren!... The nave filled and walking that beautiful daughter down the aisle as she says: "Don't step on my veil!" (how well she knows her dad is a clutz!)... A bunch of Lutherans doing what Lutherans do best of all: BELTING out the hymns!...Lauren and Dean exchanging vows, kneeling, being blessed... Oops, where are the flowers for the mothers? No matter, go give them a kiss anyway... Tears breaking out... Following the Cross down and out... Jeaux... MORE pictures... Lauren nearly passing out!... Off to the reception... Mr. and Mrs. Dean Herberts making their entrance... Getting through "the dance" and then being FORCED to do two others - thank heavens that is over!... Not enough time to see all the family and friends that gathered... Food, food, and more food left over... Stumbling into bed by midnight... Confirming Dave and Jo and the joy of giving them the Holy Eucharist... Lunch after Church with whoever could hang around... Dinner at Bully's and the unbelievable mess for sorting out tickets... An evening of laughter and visiting... Sigh...Joys abound and abound.


Anonymous said...

And somehow, my friend, I think you will likely remember those two FORCED dances the rest of your life. And the memories will be so joyous and have nothing to do with being forced!! I have a hunch you may be at that point already. ;-)


Anonymous said...

And we got lots of pictures of that dance too... hee hee.

Food at Bully's was fab, but the ticket thingy was just plain weird.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Congratulations to you, and many wishes and prayers for a long and happy life together for Lauren and Dean!

Now go rent "The Father of the Bride" with Steve Martin and sit back and have some good laughs!


Anonymous said...

Pastor Weedon "busting a move..."

That could be your new picture for the issues etc website... hehe..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your daughter's marriage!
Priests forced to dance? Where have I seen that before? . . .
Will you be coming to the Bride of Christ meeting next Tuesday?
Brian Westgate, who can't remember his blogger password . . .

Christopher D. Hall said...

Congratulations! However, you must know that my daughters will never grow up and get married; they will always be little girls, and so I never will be FORCED to dance.