26 June 2008

Commemoration of the Augsburg Confession

was yesterday - and Pastor Beane delivered one of his usual outstanding homilies on the topic:

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Great read!

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Anonymous said...

Read Pr. Beane on the AC. Good. For us, Evening Prayer is 30 minutes, prefaced and followed by other things, so the comments on the anniversary were necessarily shorter.

A question:
Pr. Beane quotes the AC in the part which says that the Mass is retained among us.
Since Luther removed the ceremonies which referred to a repeated "sacrifice", why did the individual (later identified as Anglican) castigate Pr. Beane for "the Sacrifice of the Mass"?

I've become accustomed to "Mass" as a shorthand for the communion service, but neither in speech or in the BOC have I known of a Lutheran "Sacrifice of the Mass".

[Also, otherwise sensible people get very uptight about the use of the word "Mass" at all. Given instruction as to its meaning and its place in the Confessions, why?]