06 June 2008

What I Learned Today...

...a bike ride INTO a headwind of 20-25 mph with gusts of 35 is not nearly so much fun as a bike ride with a tailwind of 20-25 mph and gusts of 35.

Cindi and Bekah, Lauren and Dean, had all tried out the new bike trails that the county has put in around these parts, but this was my first trip on them. Wow. Beautiful. No worry about cars. The sweet smell of the honeysuckle in parts, woods and a branch at the bottom of the hill, just a very pleasant trip. Cin and I did 8 miles round trip, but the way home was remarkable. No sense of strain at all - the wind helping us this time. What an incredible difference this bike makes for me. I'm ready to go again!

Oh, and Bekah definitely said it: "Dad, you're going out in public on that thing! That's the dorkiest bike ever." Need I say more? It is the perfect match!

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Scott Diekmann said...

Discerning readers want to see a photo of "the dorkiest bike ever," with you on it of course.