27 June 2008

On Being Home

No question that I enjoyed seeing family and then old friends at Redeemer, enjoying Kitty Hawk, and spending time with the brothers in Canada; but I also have been completely confirmed in my preference for being a home-body. My mother's Aunt Annie Mastin always used to say that with a good book you could travel round the world and never leave your rocking chair. Wise lady. I intend to "stay put" for a good long while - the only trips I intend to make are hospital and shutin calls for the foreseeable future, unless those trips are in books I happen to pick up along the way.


edie+steve said...

amen brother

Pr. Alex Klages said...

So what you're saying is that the hard-partying Canucks totally wore you out? ;-)

I'm going to have to agree with you on this post. North, South, East or West; home is always best.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Dorothy. :)

Your friend,
Another Dorothy

Past Elder said...

I'd update Auntie's wisdom to say with a computer and an ISP you can travel the world and never leave home.

These days, travel for me is going to the other side of the Omaha metro area.

Not so in my younger years, which leads to some mind blowing now watching the news. Watching the latest papal installation, I thought I saw these buildings so long ago that the fourth longest reigning pope in history has come and gone since! Or the royal wedding on Univision (Felipe and Letizia, Prince and Princess of the Asturias), when I thought the last time I saw Madrid not only was the monarchy not restored, Franco was still in power!

There are some great webcams, although my two favourites -- one in Red Square and a Nessie cam -- are gone.

Other than an overnight trip to Ames IA to speak to a group there, I haven't been physically outside the Omaha metro since Summer 2001!