26 June 2008

Random Pics from Vacation...Part Two

That's Lauren, thinking the water is a tad cold at first... Me reaching for a beer (be glad I had my shirt on so I wouldn't traumatize you with what my nephew termed my "frankenstomach"!)...Abigail Phillips, Grace Plvan, Joy Phillips, and Rachel Phillips (that day just happened to be 15 years since David and Lauren were in Joy's and Buddy's wedding - but Joy came and spent it with US at the beach. That will show you what 15 years will do for you!!! It was great especially to see Grace, whom we'd not seen in many years. Joy was Lauren's godmother.)


Doorman-Priest said...

You look strangely sinister in that photo. I'm glad there was one of you in church or I might have worried.

DebD said...

I thought it was "Frankentummy". Anyway, I'm still chuckling over that one-liner and wondering (after 30 some years) why I never thought of it. I guess I don't have a teenage boy's way of looking at things.

DebD said...

Oh I remember- It was "FrankenBELLY" ;)