13 June 2008

Windows to the Past

A few scenes from yesteryear. Sis gave me a disk with these memories on them... That's my daddy; then Aunt Emma, my mom and Aunt Fanny swinging on the screened porch.


Scott Larkins said...

Your Father must have been a noble chap. We have surely lost our sense of style in the West.

I'm sure he will be missed this Father's day. As will the men in my life.

God Bless.

Dad to Dad.

William Weedon said...


Thanks be to God for all our fathers on this day. Even when they have left us, their influence remains constantly.

About my father in that pic, though: what is so remarkable is that he is wearing a suit! He usually LIVED in his green work uniform. He was dressed up for some occasion, and I can't remember what it was. He was also big on wearing nice hats. So, yes, he cleaned up very well and I DO think he had a sense of style.