13 June 2008

A Few More Memories...

The old Weedon home place on a fall day back in the 1970's, and me on a fire truck (all my brothers were fire fighters).


Lutheran Lucciola said...

Oh, that's too cute.

Jo said...

I remember that homestead. Isn't that where we had a small retreat back in high school? I know I'm getting older when I say, "remember when?"

J.G. Fleischmann said...

Wow.... I wish I could get my hands on that Cairns "Senator" fire helmet that you're wearing. They were made from aluminum and have become a real collector's item :-)

Are you guys coming North??


Katerina said...

Pr. Weedon,
You are a firefighter also. But you work to keep people from a different kind of fire.

William Weedon said...


Spoiled rotten is more at the truth than cute. ;)


Yup, same place back when Joe and Butch were keeping the fields mowed and such. Miss you - and I'm very proud of you marching back into that hospital and getting it done again. I hope, though, you gave them a piece of your mind for losing the files.


I often think of the "paraphernalia" that we've long since set aside that would be valuable now. There was a copper nozzle that I used to play with to - it was huge. I wonder what it would be worth?


I LOVE that idea. I'm going to tell them next time I talk to them!!!