24 April 2009


Today's the first day that in my cardio I burned 900+ calories in my 50 minutes of cardio. My goal is to get up to 1,000 without increasing my time.


Todd Wilken said...


What exactly is your cardio routine? Wrestling a pack of rabid wolves while juggling bowling balls?

I'm in awe.


Mark Louderback said...

Try talking next time. ;)

William Weedon said...

LOL, Mark.

Todd, I do 35 minutes on the stair-stepper set to 8 with all out interval bursts of 40 seconds followed by a regular climb of 1 minute, twenty seconds. Then the burst again, pushing it as fast as I can possibly go, and then the regular, etc. This uses upwards of 660 calories. Then after doing the weights, I walked on the tread-master at just under 4 mph and did that for 16 minutes to burn the extra 240 some cals.

I'm just going by the calories that the machine *says* I burned and who knows how accurate those things are? Still it's a good, totally soaking sweat workout. And best of all: while I'm doing the stair stepper I'm always listening to the Heirs of the Reformation CD!