21 April 2009

Commemoration of St. Anselm

Today our Synod commemorates St. Anselm of Canterbury. The Treasury offers a beautiful meditation for the day (p. 1290) from his pen, of which I offer a snippet:

"Therefore God's restoring man is more wonderful than his creating man, inasmuch as it is done for the sinner contrary to what he deserves; while the action of creation was not for the sinner and was not in opposition to what man deserved."

My friend, Dr. Matthew Phillips (Concordia University, NE) did an issues show on the good saint:

Issues, Etc.

For Your servant, Anselm, O Christ God, glory to You!


Dr Matthew Phillips said...

I'm glad to know you consider me a friend. :)

William Weedon said...

Even if I left an "l" out... but I fixed it!