17 April 2009

Great Day

Cindi and I enjoyed Lamberts a great deal - and we even ate three of those evil rolls a piece. I had a fabulous slab of country ham; Cindi had the fried chicken. Then off to Charleston Missouri to tour their Dogwood and Azalea festival - and was the town ever blooming beautifully. A couple pics:


Cheryl said...

I'm glad your experience at Lambert's was better than ours! Maybe we'll have to give them another chance . . .

Anonymous said...

Three rolls!!??!!
WAAAAY to many carbs, Bill.


William Weedon said...


We got there just after noon. But were seated and finished eating by one. The service was a tad uneven, but they did have a boatload of people they were serving - and I suspect that five after 12 might NOT be the best time to drop in!


NO JOKE!!! Still feeling them like a lead weight.