19 April 2009

One of the Joys

of LSB is going from parish to parish and finding it in rich use. Today we worshipped at Messiah Lutheran in Lebanon. We were richly fed in both sermon and Sacrament. And we got to sing all sorts of Easter hymns again: "O Sons and Daughters," "Jesus Christ, My Sure Defense," "Christ is Arisen! Alleluia!" and "I know that My Redeemer Lives." Pastor Holle gave a wonderful homily that tied all three readings together. My favorite line: "And the blood, on the cross, and in the cup." The liturgy was Divine Service 1.


christl242 said...

We sang lots of Easter hymns too, including Now All The Vault of Heaven Resounds. We used Matins from the LSB, sang the Venite but for the Te Deum we used the setting in TLH (my parish uses both). I loved every word of it.

For the ten years I was a Catholic I never once heard the Athanasian Creed prayed nor the Te Deum sung. I doubt if the younger Catholics in the pews even know what they are anymore.



William Weedon said...

Now all the vault - what a great hymn! Yes, the Venite before the Risen One and the Te Deum - "when thou hadst overcome the sharpness of death, Thou didst open the kingdom of heaven to all believers!" Beautiful!!!

Elephantschild said...

Last Sunday, during vacation, I attended one of the last churches in the synod still using LW.

I didn't even get a proper Confession & Absolution at the beginning of the service, as the liturgy was hob-nailed together, and the Absolution was one of the casualties. Grrr.

I am completely spoiled by having a faithful pastor at home!