24 April 2009

I Was One Proud Daddy Tonight

as I watched Bekah sing and act and steal the show (which is what Ado Annie is supposed to do). She was GREAT! Here are some pics - maybe more later:

Bekah, Dustin Shimkus (Ali Hakim) and Andrew Carnes (Brandon Russell)

Bekah and David Shimkus (Will Parker)



Anonymous said...

OK, now I feel old...
Didn't I just give Bekah flute lessons a few years ago when whe was in 5th or 6th grade?


William Weedon said...

LOL. Mark, you ARE old! :) But you can always remind me that I am older still... old enough to see my baby in her senior year of high school. Wow. Where have the years fled?

Pr. Lehmann said...


Bekah is beautiful. It sounds like she's become quite the young lady in the past few years.

Thursday's Child said...

That's one of my favorite musicals. We did it in high school my sophomore year.

Now I'm going to be humming those songs all day!