25 April 2009

Day of St. Mark

Today our Synod commemorates St. Mark, the Evangelist. From the *Treasury* (p. 1291):

St. Mark was the author of the second Gospel, which he composed, according to some Early Church Fathers, when the Christians in Rome asked him to write down the preaching of the apostle Peter. Mark, also known as John Mark, was originally from Jerusalem, where the house of his mother Mary was the center of the early Jerusalem Church (Acts 12:12)...Tradition says that Mark was instrumental in founding the Church in Alexandria, becoming its first bishop, and also that he suffered a martyr's death.

Almighty God, You have enriched Your Church with the proclamation of the Gospel through the evangelist Mark. Grant that we may firmly believe these glad tidings and daily walk according to Your Word; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. (Collect, LSB)

For Mark, O Lord, we praise You,
The weak by grace made strong,
Whose labors and whose Gospel
Enrich our triumph song.
May we, in all our weakness,
Reflect Your servant life
And follow in Your footsteps,
Enduring cross and strife. (LSB 518:15)


Mike Keith said...

What a beautiful icon!

Father Robert Lyons said...

I was a bit disappointed that TDP did not include the Collect for Mark in the material provided for his feast day.

Fortunately, I have a copy of the Proper of the Day paperback (and enough other liturgical books with varying and sundry collects for him), but it doesn't seem that it would have taken that many extra pages to add the collects for the days in the Time of Easter additions.

(As a side note, I do hope someone gets the idea of preparing a hand-sized version of TDP... I like it, but the thing is bigger than some Altar Books I own!)