28 April 2009

Day's Wrap

A busy day - full from start to finish. I'm tired and heading to bed. Tomorrow promises to be almost as busy, and then Thursday is full day at Camp Wartburg for our Spring Pastoral Conference. Looking forward to that and to seeing the brethren (and maybe a godchild or two!).


Rev. James Leistico said...

you're really going to have to sweet talk Laura - or else drive down here, if you want to see Sophia

Lucian said...

Hey, I've just found out why You can't be Orthodox: Your name is Chancellor, and that is the name of a piece used in an un-orthodox form of chess, called Capablanca chess, and which is a combination between a rook and a knight! :) It all makes sense now! :D

William Weedon said...




She already told me she would!!!