20 April 2009

Today is Risen!

[from the Heirs of the Reformation CD, this is a powerful and beautiful piece! The Alleluias on the recording are endlessly jubilant - a setting by Lutheran composer Melchior Vulpius.]

Today is risen Christ the Lord; Alleluia!
He doth for all men hope afford. Alleluia!

The pangs of death He did endure, Alleluia!
And gave to mortal men a cure. Alleluia!

"Go, bring His disciples word: Alleluia!
Today is risen Christ the Lord!" Alleluia!

Now let us in these Easter days, Alleluia!
To Triune God bring joyful praise. Alleluia!


Donna said...

It's beautiful, as are many of the other pieces on these CDs.

I learned of two of my special treasures through reading Weeden's Blog (the "Heirs of the Reformation" 4-CD Set, and O.P. Kretzmann's "The Pilgrim") and I thank you.

William Weedon said...

Thanks, Donna. Aren't they both WONDERFUL!!!

christl242 said...

Oh great. Another item to add to my wish list!

But not to be missed, I am sure!