27 April 2009

A Personal Matter

I've had a number of people ask me if I'm sick, if I'm eating, if I'm TRYING to lose weight. Just to clear up:

I don't believe I'm sick (certainly don't feel sick).
I eat three meals a day and as much as I want at each meal, plus an apple each afternoon (for example, today I ate one of Cindi's low-carb cinnabons for breakfast with a sausage patty and cheese; for lunch a 5-alarm burger sans bun on a house salad at Red Robin; for dinner two slices of low-carb pizza, another cinnabon for dessert and a huge handful of almonds).
I still eat Atkins because I simply feel better eating that way.
I am not trying to lose weight, but I am exercising very intensely three times a week (the lady at the Y refers to my "maniac workouts"), and the result has been, I think, a significant loss of body fat (which means veins sticking out everywhere - kind of icky, I agree) and with that the loss of weight. This a.m. was 142, but I'm betting body fat is something under 10%.

So, no, I don't think I'm checking out from the earthly race at the present time or any time soon (though that is in God's hands, not mine), and I'm not starving myself or any such thing. So, those of you who keep asking me about this, stop worrying! :)


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Well, just don't "exercise" off the mortal coil. . .

I wasn't one of those who was concerned (as I don't see you and don't note changes in your physical appearance) - I just wanted to make a pun. . . comment. . . remark?

And my sign in word is "vivis"

Sarah D. said...

The key is if you feel good then you are healthy. I believe most of us eat too much.

Thou, how depressing for me that you are only a little more than 10 pounds heavier! :)

George said...

I'm glad I'm not healthy enough for people to think I'm on the verge of dying. :)

PMagness said...

You go, Pastor!

Your metabolic type is clearly protein. And I think most of us do better with protein, even those whose metabolic type favors more carbs, simply because most Americans eat WEIGH too many carbohydrates.

I pretty sure I'm also a protein type - or a very light mix - because I also feel much better when I stay low-carb.

As you know from my stay at your house last month, I am not a strict as you are. I allow myself some starches on Sundays and other feasts. As much as I have lost my taste for so many things Americans eat w/o giving it a second thought (potatoes, rolls, chips), I still consider pasta or ice cream a special treat.

But they don't make me feel better. Even with whole wheat pasta and gelato, I get a 'carb hangover' that lasts a couple of days. Not as bad as bouncing off a couple of glasses of wine, but still a hangover. The trouble is, there are so many excuses to feast in the American life - especially for church workers. And the life abundant makes it hard to keep exercise on the schedule.

Thanks for reminding me that both low-carb and good exercize MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER. You are an encouragement to us all.

WM Cwirla said...

This is still sounding more and more like The View. The next question is going to be: Does this chasuble make me look fat?

William Weedon said...

What's The View?

As to Chasubles, they ALWAYS make you look fat. But not as fat as a cassock and surplice do!

-C said...

"What's The View?"

It's a stupid late morning weekday television program, aimed at women, hosted by women, dealing with that they think women care about.

I suppose some women do.