15 June 2009


Builder did a bunch of updates yesterday - very nice. Of course, they may have been around for a while. I'd gone back to the earlier build because of bugs in the second edition (that had looked promising). But I guess somewhere along the lines those bugs were squashed. After the updates, it worked very well. Bulletin preparation time (for me) was cut in half once again - and it was already pretty quick. On my wish list:
  • Inclusion of the tones provided in DS for chanting introit and verse printed in the Accompaniment for the Liturgy
  • Pointing of the Verse of the Day
  • Option of including the Alleluias printed out for congregation, with the cantor/choir's Verse of the Day and then alleluias repeated.
  • Ability to insert a block of formatted text (our bulletin header) into the basic template of the Divine Service.
Other than those little things, I'm totally happy with it. It's come a long, long way - from good to great! In fact, I was so enthused, that I ended up working up the bulletins from now until August 16th and shipping them off to the long-suffering Joanie. I wonder what she will think when she opens her mail program tomorrow? :)


Anonymous said...

My secretary is usually thrilled when I get bulletins and hymn selections made that early. Then she can edit them or print them at her leisure instead of prodding me to get next Sunday's finished...


Paul McCain said...


And wait till people learn more about The Concordia Organist Builder Addin.

Can you say, "Not only print out the bulletin, but allow me to burn a complete real tracker-action pipe organ musical accompaniment for the whole service!"

Coming late Summer, 2009.